African themed party outfits

African themed party outfits

The Alinka top is our focus this week as we dig more behind the inspiration for this top.

If you have been to the online store in the last few months, you may have noticed in the spring collection I launched a new design called pleated neckline spring top. That design was inspired from a project my son had to complete. The project was focused on shapes and textures.

He had to come up with shapes and textures and discuss the compositions for a science project. The kid sat at the table for an hour and he just could not figure out what he as going to make. Bored out of his mind, he started folding pieces of paper. The folds where like bunch of pleats. After all that time folding paper, he ended up doing something totally different.

After the project was completed, I gathered all the pleated or folded papers and started piecing them end to end. The next day I grabbed my sketch book and drew out a top with a pleated neckline and because I was in the middle of finalizing all the designs for the spring collection, I did not have enough time to think up an appropriate name, so I ended up calling this new top “pleated neckline spring top”. This is so original right. Haha.

While planning for the spring/summer 2022 collection I decided also that I was going to incorporate this pleated top in this collection. This is how I came up with the Alinka African print top. I most definitely did not want to create the identical top for this collection so I decided to put a spin on it, so doing it in African print was going to make the shift for me.

However, I also wanted vintage prints on the fabric of choice so I went to town looking for prints which would hold up to the vintage feel. I searched everywhere to find great prints. When I search up Etsy, fortunately for me, I found a woman owned-business who sold beautiful prints, l fell in love with all of them and to top it off, this also hits my goal of working mainly with women collective, so I purchased as much as I would need for 6 sizes.

The Alinka top is an African pattern top made from African Print fabric. The prints are not too bold, but they do have a strong presence in the fiber of the fabric. This top fits right in the category of African themed party outfits. It comes in two colors, and I must say the prints are inviting. It can be considered as part of a formal Ankara dress up look if paired with a nice pencil skirt.

The "off the shoulder" feel gives it a sex appeal but yet not too revealing. I am a designer who believes in leaving a lot to the imagination, so I hardly create designs that are overly sexual. At Alyson Amber We cater to the classy chic and elegant woman and her worth is buried in her soul and not in her physical appearance. Therefore, you will hardly ever find too much skin. :-)

The Alinka top has been styled with a pair of denim and a solid black heel. It stands out as a formal African attire for ladies even though it has been paired with denim. In my look we kept the eyes soft and a bold lip whereas in Allie’s look we brought on the drama on the eyes. This shows that you can style with a bold face and a soft face and the top WILL still steals the show.

The mustard yellow and brown add a nice feel to the overall look and the wine color adds more intensity, hence the reasoning behind the bold eyes. With this top you don’t have to do too much with your hair as you can see, I am a baldie and Allie has a fly hairstyle. Nonetheless, the Alinka top is still the star of the show. The top is not at all overpowered. 

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