Fashion Shoes Essentials

Fashion Shoes Essentials

Shoes Shoes Shoes 

Yes, they are part of our overall look and a great pair can take an outfit to the next level while a crappy one can mess up an entire look. Let's get into what I think we all should have to make our looks interesting and worth  taking up space.

Shoe #1: The Everyday Flats

We all need an everyday flat! To me, the everyday flat should not only be comfortable and walkable but also classic and timeless. That way you can wear it with different styles of clothing and can match with everything. 

Loafers. Loafers are the shoes for the traditional season! It’s the perfect mainstay in any wardrobe. They are easy to slip-on and slip-off which makes it very convenient in styling your outfits, you can wear it for casual occasions and even wear it for the office. Your outfits can look extremely sexy when paired with the right loafers.

Mules. The everyday flat for women “on the go”. Mules have no back or constraint around the heel so you can easily slip-in and out of it. 

 Shoe # 2: Ankle Booties

It’s a no brainer, we all need boots in our life! Ankle boots are a wardrobe staple that you can see from one season to another. You can choose to dress up or dress down an outfit if you like  because ankle boots suit a range of styles - from casual looks to sophisticated office attire. This is one of my favorite footwear options. How about you?

Shoe #3: Thigh High Boots

"The midcalf and knee-high boots are going to be bigger than ever. The key trend from this was the boots worn under midi skirts, especially in bright ways”, Mytheresa's Tiffany Hsu said. First of all, over-the-knee boots are so comfortable! It’s great for every outfit, especially during fall and winter. If you’re wearing jeans, skirts, dresses. Even on dresses that are longer, it looks sexy and good. Also, tall boots never go out of style!

Shoe #4: Pumps

Investing in a well made pumps is a really good fashion look idea. It remains a classic in any wardrobe.  With the right heel that is comfortable for you, it makes you look tall and elongated and brings the right silhouette to a well put together outfit.

Nude Pumps.  Nude pumps are "must haves" because of the color it goes well with just about anything. Nude pumps can upgrade any casual outfit and compliment any fancy look. 

Black Pumps. Black pumps make you feel like a boss. You can wear it to important meetings, events. It’s super versatile, goes well with everything - from jeans to dresses, and skirts. A chic classic black pump is always for the win! 

Shoe #5. Strappy Sandals

Your spring-summer best friend, a strappy heeled sandal. It makes your feet look long, sexy and feel “almost” barefoot. Strappy sandals are amazing during hotter months like summer because it’s a lot more breathable. It also looks better with summery outfits! 

Shoe #6. White sneakers

Everyone needs a pair of white sneakers in their life. It just gives a white crisp, casual element to any outfit. White sneakers look good with any outfit- so many things can be paired with it (denim, skirts, dresses, shorts). 



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