How I started

How I started

Fashion Design Business

We all have dreams. However, I never thought I would become a fashion designer. I’ve always loved clothes, styling and dressing up. I always did my own thing in my style and how I put ideas together was a little off according to my friends😂. But I think they meant that in a good way. 

During my early work life experiences, I started paying attention to the pieces I would wear. This was because I love and enjoyed fashion so I enjoyed thrifting and putting looks together. Sometimes I throwSometimes throw my designs in the mix of my styling photos because I now havehad a blog and would post regularly these fancy elegant looks, in my mind they were top notch 😂. What do you know, people started to notice and they loved what I was doing.

In no time thereafter, people wanted to buy what I wore and most times, it was something I had made. Funny thingthink it took some time for me to truly accept this was real and believe people actually like my designs. I was drawn to vintage inspiration particularly fashion history from the 1920s and 1930s and I did not think it was a thing for women in that time would to be drawn to this idea but I did not particularly cared, I loved it and I was going to create it but I also added a modern twist to it and in a few months I started to put a taste of my afrocentric heritage in almost every piece I created. My fashion identity started to mature and come into a life of its own. It was becoming an identity of who I am when it came down to my style of fashion.

Scared in my boots because all the negative thoughts of why I would not make it started to come up for me. Thoughts like "you did not attend a traditional fashion school, so how will you even make it with the thousands of trained fashion designs out there?" "This is going nowhere Vangie so you might as well just give it up. Nonetheless, though I was scared and shaking at each step of this journey (still do occasionally), I took on the challenge and that was the beginning of a dream which had been there all along but I was too scared to realize it was even a dream or possibility. 

The picture above was the first formal Gown I created when I launched Vchic Designs on 4/26/2014. 

I must say the positive reactions and encouragement I got from the people around me gave me the courage to pursue this dream of becoming a Fashion Designer. To date, I have had the experience of showcasing in Philly Fashion Week, selling my pieces at Macy’s and partnering with Allied out of Dubai to have Vchic Designs sold at the Dubai Mall. Over the years I have also worked with local boutiques to showcase my pieces and I have had some smaller projects in the last 7 plus years. 

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