Workplace Outfits

Workplace Outfits

Are you ready to be back in the office 
Let’s take a look at some traditional corporate attire and business casual pieces appropriate for the workplace. As most people are starting to go back into the offices and dress codes are required in some companies, I thought it would be a great idea to share some professional looks to consider. There are also some newer and younger companies that are starting to ditch the suits and going for business casual looks. I’ll share 4 workplace looks you can get inspiration from when planning your office/work outfits.
1. The Boss Babe Look. In a corporate environment, the silhouettes  and colors to choose from are limited to - neutrals, blacks, grays, and whites. So finding the perfect fit of blazers, suits and pants is always the best solution to getting that “power suit” look! Look for blazers that sit squarely on your shoulders and cinch you in at the waist, and pants that are tapered.

2. The Fresh and Clean Look. To achieve the fresh and clean look you can always play around with lighter palettes in your look. White can be a high maintenance color but if it’s clean, it can be the “bomb”. Wear a classic white button-down blouse under a white blazer/coat (white on white just looks amazing together!) tucked into an orange midi skirt for a pop of color and pointed heels. As for accessories, you can wear dainty jewelry for a touch of sparkle. It’s such an easy outfit to wear from day to night! 

 3. The Fun Look. I wanted to add a fun pattern into the mix. Outfits with plaid prints or polka dots can still look professional especially if the prints aren’t too distracting. It can either be the coat/blazer or the top that will be your statement look. As for trousers, you can wear any comfortable trousers that go well with the top and coat. For jewelry, you can wear fun abstract earrings which I feel like the silver tones will look awesome with the total look. 

4. The Casual Fridays Look. The most casual one but still crisp enough to wear to work. You can wear a ruffled top, white shirt with a statement print or a sweater with a pastel color and tuck it into a midi length skirt. Complete the look with high heeled shoes with the same color of your top. This look can definitely be office wear and then out for a wonderful Friday evening dinner or hang out with the girls.

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