Get To Know Alyson Amber

Alyson Amber is an Exclusive Vintage Inspired Fashion Brand which delivers unique  designs through creativity of mixing boldness and Retro fashion in the most unconventional way. 


From its inception, our clothing and accessories line has been inspired by fashion from the 1920s and 1930s. As we evolved, we slowly implemented an Afrocentric touch to bring colors and boldness to the brand. We offer exclusive vintage-inspired fashion, from one-of-a-kind maxi dress to unique blended African prints. The idea is to allow women to be culturally confident and stand out in their own uniqueness.

In 2019 Alyson Amber (Then Vchic Designs) launched a few of their designs in Macy's out of the Northshore Mall in Peabody, MA. In 2021 the brand joined forces with Allied Enterprises to launch a collection in the Dubai Mall and their online platforms in the Middle East. We continue to grow and expand the brand with focus on giving our customers the best we have to offer.


We understand the woman who wants to stand out through rare yet fashionable garments. Therefore, we implore techniques to easily blend different cultural prints to tell a story. As a brand that is very intentional and unique in what we do with our cultural prints, we create blended print canvases to be used in construction of some of our designs. Our goal is to infuse the fashion industry with our creativity of mixing boldness and Retro in a most unconventional way.

Evangeline Delaney - CEO

I am Evangeline Delaney, the founder of Alyson Amber, born and raised in Liberia by a single mother, moved to the United States in the early 2000s to continue my education. I studied International Business and Economics with a minor in Finance at the University of St. Catherine in St. Paul, MN, and earned a BSc. In my professional career, I worked in Human Resources for over 12 years. I retired early from cooperate America so I can fully dedicate my time to building Alyson Amber. In 2017 September, I published my first book called “The Exceptional Woman Within.” 

Our Mission

We aim to meet the needs of the contemporary woman who desires to look and feel her best. The one who has an appreciation for vintage fashion but also wants to tell her story behind some of the African Print’s canvas. A woman who knows what she wants, who she is, and how to express herself.

At Alyson Amber, satisfying our customers is our priority. We understand the composition and construction of each fabric used in all our designs; therefore, we focus on quality and durability. Also, to ensure our customers have an exceptional experience, we include a style guide in every order. Our hope with this is to help them get the best out of their garment, in terms of the final look of a piece. Therefore, we use color matching stories in most of our style card looks with accessories suggestions they can test out when they receive their package.

Our Vision

To establish a fashion academy to help women who are looking to pursue a fashion and design career. As we grow and expand, our vision is to be recognized in the fashion industry by our daring, unique, and exclusive pieces.